Автор: Groen Studio

Лицензия: Платный шрифт(Paid font)

Поддержка языков: Латиница

Категории: Handwritten, Script (Рукописные, прописные шрифты)

О шрифте:

Wamelo, a work that is purely a result of handwriting and writing by using a liquid ink pen, has a natural characteristic. This is perfect for invitations, signatures, blogs, social media, business cards, product brands.

OpenType features can be accessed by using OpenType smart programs such as Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw and Microsoft Office. They can also be accessed through the character map.

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Wamelo Regular
The sex life of the woodchuck is a provocative question for most vertebrate zoology majors.
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Windows, MacOS, Linux, Photoshop, WEB сайт
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